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There are three non-union, open casting calls below.

We’re seeking Toronto Families, Opinionated Canadians, and Food Adventurers.

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URGENT: Commercial Photo Shoot Seeks GTA Families / $1000


Seeking real families in or near Toronto for a paid commercial photo shoot (non-union) for a new household air freshener. The selected family will receive $1000 for a one-day session of 6 to 8 hours on July 5, 6, 7, or 8. To apply, your family must have two parents aged about 30 to 45 and two or more children aged somewhere between 3 and 14 – and the whole family must be available for at least one of the dates listed.


PLEASE APPLY ASAP. This application takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you have to finish it in one sitting because you can’t save it halfway through. Please fill it out on a computer because you won’t be able to upload photos from your phone. Before you apply, make sure you have recent photos of all family members ready to upload. We also strongly encourage you to record and upload to YouTube a short video (no more than a minute or two) showing you and your family introducing yourselves and explaining why you’re a great fit for this.


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TV Show Seeks Food Adventurers / Free dinner party + DNA test


Love to eat? Curious about your ancestry?


A new series wants to take you on an extraordinary journey to discover your culinary roots!


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New TV Series Seeks Opinionated Canadians / Free Cross-Canada Trip + Honorarium


Do you have views that are considered unpopular or controversial?


A new television series offers an opportunity to respectfully make your case.


If selected, you’ll spend August exchanging views with other Canadians on an all-expenses-paid trip across the country. You’ll be financially compensated for your time, too!


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Seeking families across Canada for a web campaign for a leading car company. Selected families will receive $2000, an iPad, a free road trip, and the opportunity to win a major grand prize. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking indigenous mothers and daughters, lesbian couples, and people with physical disabilities for a union commercial for a national bank. Pays approximately $2000. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Toronto couples aged 19 to 24 of all orientations, genders, and ethnicities who can talk frankly about their romantic and sexual lives for a smart reality TV series in development for a major American broadcaster. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

A non-union video campaign for a popular waffle brand seeks short smartphone videos of real family members across North America enjoying waffles for breakfast. Pays CAD $800. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Torontonians from all walks of life for a non-union web video for a company focused on improving citizens’ quality of life. Pays $150 to $300. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking anyone who has a story about how music helped them find a sense of community, especially newcomers to Canada. Pays $1500. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking French Canadian women in New York City to try a hair colour product and appear in a video discussing it. Pays USD$500, with the potential for significantly more depending on how the video ends up being used. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Canadian skiers who can perform “ski ballet” moves for a national TV ad for a major fast food chain. Pays $2500+. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Canadian male amputees. A national TV commercial for a major car brand seeks a male leg amputee who plays para ice hockey. You do not need to be an actor to apply. Pays $6000+. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking families in or near Toronto with French-speaking members living elsewhere for a national TV ad for a big entertainment company. Pays up to $5000 per family. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking male musicians age 65+ for a national non-union TV/cinema commercial for a major financial brand. This non-speaking role pays $2500 (possibly more, depending on usage). You do not need to be an actor to apply. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking people aged 18 to 60 who’ve had a scary experience slipping and falling on ice. If selected, you’ll earn $1500 plus hundreds of dollars in outdoor gear appearing in a documentary web ad for a major brand of footwear and athletic wear. We’re seeking regular people, not actors, but performers are welcome to apply if they’re open to being themselves on camera. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking male and female actors to appear in a national non-union television commercial for a major chain of Canadian supermarkets. Pays $600 to $2000 (depending on role) for one-day shoot. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Torontonians Aged 55 to 80 to appear in an online and print documentary ad campaign for a historic organization. Ethnically diverse candidates and first- and second-generation immigrants are particularly encouraged to apply. Pays $1500 to $2000. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking Canadians Aged 50+ for an ongoing series of mini web documentaries for a major camera brand. Selected participants will receive camera equipment valued at about $1000. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Seeking busy families for a healthy breakfast cereal commercial. Selected families will receive $1500 for one day of filming. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Runners Wanted.  A Canadian sports gear retailer is looking for Toronto runners aged 18 to 35 for a web ad shoot. Selected participants will receive $300 cash. THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED.