Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange “Can’t Pass It On / Zéro Transmission”

CBC Kids “Small Talk”

Brisk Iced Tea “Yep”

Men’s Wearhouse “Prom As You Are”

Nature Valley “#AskNature”

CBC “Workin’ Moms Asks”

Staples “Staples Studio”

Budweiser / Winnipeg Jets “Whiteout Brew”

TouchBistro “Restaurant Hacks”

Chevrolet Equinox “Most Road Trippable Town in Canada”

Inspired by the opportunity to show off their province or territory and also win a new car and a free road trip, over five hundred families applied for this campaign. The finalists were selected for their personality, diversity, and – because the videos were going to be made by the families themselves – an ability to shoot and edit compelling home movies.

TD Bank “#MusicMatters”

Toyin was one of over two hundred people who told us how music helped them adjust to a new life in Canada. It was a privilege to hear their remarkable stories, and a challenge to help our client select just one.

Merrell “Winter Lab”

We weren’t just looking for a person who had suffered real consequences from a slip and fall. We had to find someone who was willing to confront her phobia of winter ice head on, and on camera.

Safeway / Sobeys “Million Dollar Score & Win Contest”

Our client wanted a non-union performer with infectious enthusiasm. We wondered if there might be some type of real coach out there who fit the bill. The talent we found is a former actor who now works as a business coach helping leaders achieve their potential. We held an open call audition for the shoppers that was attended by over one hundred actors.

Mount Pleasant Group “The Memory Box Project”

We fielded a hundred and thirty applicants and met forty in person before choosing three special stories. Each person appears in an individual spot, and a compilation ad features all three of them together. Print ads showcasing each person’s keepsakes amplified the message of the campaign.

Quaker “Parents’ Report Card”

To create a genuine surprise for the parents, we enrolled family friends who helped us to shoot the kids’ videos without their parents knowing. The results were genuine and touching.

Canon “Syrian Kitchen” and “Urban Farming”

Canon was looking for unique stories about inspiring people over the age of fifty. These two unique participants received high-end cameras in exchange for working with us.

Doritos & Vancouver Canucks Live Cross-Promotion

This young man thought we had pre-screened him to participate in a live trivia contest about his favourite hockey team, but his long-term girlfriend knew the real score. We had secretly arranged for her to propose to him in front of an entire arena of Vancouver Canucks fans with a bouquet of Doritos roses!

The Globe and Mail “Ask the Globe”

When an emergency resulted in the loss of a cast member at the last minute, casting director Chris jumped in front of the camera at the request of a client. This spot screened during the preshow at cinemas across Canada.

Sport Chek “Chase the Gear”

We had just two days to turn this casting around, but our outreach to running clubs, crossfit studios and other athletic organizations resulted in close to three hundred applicants in record time.

Twistos “Mom Cave Surprise”

It took many home visits to find an entire family that was comfortable on camera and that had an appropriate spare room we could work with, too. To make sure Mom didn’t learn about the big surprise in advance, we kept it a secret from everyone except her husband until the very last minute.

Expedia.ca “Vacation Education”

During our cross-Canada search for people who hadn’t taken a vacation in at least fifteen years, we assessed over a hundred applications and recorded more than fifty Skype interviews to find our cast. Candidates were asked about their availability for pretend multi-day focus groups so we could determine their suitability for the project while ensuring we captured authentic, emotional reactions once finalists were selected.

David Cornfield Melanoma Fund “#NewFamilyRule”

We fielded a hundred and twenty applications and conducted forty-five studio auditions before selecting the final ten families seen here. To get spontaneous reactions, we spent time convincing parents to sign on without knowing what the ad was for or what questions their children would be asked. At the shoot, a hidden camera captured their delight, pride, and sometimes ambivalent reactions to their kids’ answers.

Canadian Real Estate Association “Testimonials”

Finding people willing to share their real estate ordeals was proving to be a challenge for our client. Our outreach message emphasized how common these situations were and suggested applicants could make a real difference by helping others avoid their mistakes, which resulted in the stories you see here.

Yop “Yop Fuels”

Yop asked us to find two youth representing French and English-speaking Canada who had done something physical, visual, altruistic, and so awesome you’d think only an adult could have achieved it. We presented a list of sixty-one remarkable English- and French-speaking kids across Canada, from which Alex and Trinity were selected.

Ancestry.ca “Search for Free” and “French Canadian”

Ancestry.ca’s “Search For Free” commercial used real people, but we found a terrific physical performer for their French campaign after screening dozens of self-taped auditions from French-Canadian actors.